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Highly visible to travelers along I-65 is the chromium yellow frustum of the National Corvette Museum (NCM).  The frustum is just one of the unique features of the building which is designed to conceptually replicate various shapes of the Corvette.  Educational and entertaining collections and displays are located throughout the Museum, and the space beneath the open ceiling of the frustum is often utilized for meetings, special events and displays.  Host to dozens of yearly events, the Museum is also in partnership with other automotive associations automobile museums across the country.

Located across Interstate 65 from the National Corvette Museum and the General Motors Corvette Assembly plant, the National Corvette Museum Motorsports Park (MSP) will be one of the most centrally located and easily accessible high performance driving facilities in the country.  Phase I of the park is situated on 184 acres and will be used for high performance and driver safety training.  The park will include over 3½ miles of combined road course and approximate 13 acres of multi-use paddock area for skid pad and auto cross driver training.  The park will also feature a 2 story Control Tower, Pavilion, garages for maintenance and storage, and about 89,000 square feet of future commercial lease space. Estimated construction cost of Phase I of the Park is approximately $20 Million.

DDS ENGINEERING, PLLC (DDS) was fortunate to have been involved with the Project since its inception.  President and CEO of DDS, Dennis D. Smith, PE, PLS, M.ASCE served on the National Corvette Museum Board of Directors for eight years, during which time the idea of a motorsports park was hatched.  It began back in 2005 when the Board began ‘brainstorming’ on how to continue to increase attendance to the most unique automobile museum in the world.

From that beginning, the Board approved the purchase of a few acres of available land across from the Museum and retained the services of a renowned track designer to assist with the preliminary planning of a motorsports park complex.  Utilizing his expertise and following his recommendations, the NCM purchased or optioned additional acreage totaling almost 500 acres for both immediate and future development.

Very early the NCM Board realized the benefits of retaining the services of a sincere Corvette enthusiast and a local firm with the engineering expertise and deep-rooted desire to see this project become a major success for the NCM, the Corvette community and the local community.

Thus, through Qualification Based Selection, DDS was selected to perform the boundary line and topographic surveying for acquisition of the approximately 500 acres of land.  Additionally, DDS guided the NCM through the preliminary planning process and zoning map amendments, as well as the preparation of the Detail Development Planning process, all for the most unique of projects ever to be conceived or built in the Bowling Green area.  Upon completion of the preliminary approval process, DDS completed geotechnical exploration, testing and analysis, and began preparation of the site Civil Engineering drawings including track profiles and cross sections, layout of paddock and commercial areas, site grading, drainage and storm water management plans, and utility plans for new and relocated facilities.

DDS’s design was able to treat and dispose all storm water runoff of the entire MSP using infiltration. This economical method to treat storm water runoff minimized energy consumption. DDS was able to design a detention system for the 13 acre paddock area capable of storing and treating a total of 2.03 million gallons of water which minimized additional area for surface storm water storage.

DDS designed over 7,000 foot gravity sanitary sewer to serve the development which precluded the necessity of an on-site sanitary sewer pumping facility, contrary to the local utilities original recommendations, thus saving the NCM tens of thousands of dollars initially as well as tens of thousands of dollars more in maintenance and operating cost throughout the life of the project.

During the construction phase of the project, DDS worked closely with the site grading, drainage and paving contractor to develop precise machine control for some of the most unique curves and slopes imaginable for a motorsports track that will provide of participants of varying skill levels with challenges and thrills throughout their time on the track.

DDS is proud to have been selected to a part of this exceptional project that will provide a continual boost to the local economy, in general, and to the NCM specifically.

Project Location

Bowling Green, Kentucky


National Corvette Museum


2006 - 2014

Project Type

Site Development

Departments Involved


Civil Engineering,

Geotechnical Engineering,

Construction Materials Testing



Type of Improvement

New Development

Project Management

Warren County Public Works

Project Manager(s)

Dennis D. Smith, PE, PLS


Dennis D. Smith, PE, PLS