DDS ENGINEERING, PLLC is committed to providing completed projects, in a responsive manner, that meet the needs and EXCEEDS the goals and expectations of ALL our clients.



DDS ENGINEERING, PLLC exists to provide the highest quality and most economical land surveying, civil and geotechnical engineering, construction materials testing, and special inspection services to all our Clients, both public and private, in a timely and efficient manner, without regards to race, creed, color, sexual orientation or religious beliefs, and with CLIENT SATISFACTION BEING OUR MOST IMPORTANT PRODUCT!


We further exist to strive to provide a higher standard of living, for all our employees, within a comfortable and friendly working environment that promotes the desire for improvement in their own personal lifestyles.



Smith & Associates was established in 1973 as a firm supplying complete drafting services of all types to local building contractors. We soon grew to become a firm which provided complete surveying needs for Architects, Engineers, Heavy and Highway, General, Mechanical, and Electrical Contractors in South Central Kentucky and North Central Tennessee.


DDS ENGINEERING was established in 1984 to provide our clients with an extensive array of services. Our staff of Engineers, Surveyors, and Technicians provide complete Surveying, Civil and Geotechnical Engineering, Construction Material Testing, Special Inspections and other custom services. Our affiliation with Architects, Structural Engineers, Geotechnical Engineers and Electrical Engineers allowed us to offer an even broader range of services to address all of our client's needs. Since our beginning, we grew to become a firm which provided complete surveying and design needs for Architects, Engineers, Municipal, Commercial, Industrial and Residential Developers, Heavy and Highway, General Mechanical and Electrical Contractors in South Central Kentucky and North Central Tennessee.


On October 01, 2001, Smith & Associates was completely merged with DDS ENGINEERING to form DDS ENGINEERING, PLLC. This move allowed DDS ENGINEERING, PLLC to provide totally integrated Land Surveying, Civil & Geotechnical Engineering, Construction Material Testing, Special Inspections, and related services, throughout Kentucky and Tennessee.


In 2006, DDS ENGINEERING, PLLC, acquired from Mr. Charles Billingsley, PLS, the Billingsley Land Surveying business located in Hopkinsville, Kentucky.  Mr. Billingsley began surveying in the Commonwealth of Kentucky in 1967 and, alongside his team of top notch surveyors and crew members, surveyed his way across Christian County and the surrounding areas.  This acquisition afforded DDS access to this longstanding client list as well as the data established through Mr. Billingsley’s 39 year portfolio.  This presence in the Western portion of Kentucky allows DDS to better serve our neighbors across the Commonwealth!  Today, DDS continues to carry forward the legacy that Mr. Billingsley started!


In 2007, DDS ENGINEERING, PLLC, acquired Blakeman Land Surveying, a long standing, reputable land surveying firm that served Bowling Green and the surrounding areas for 31 years.  Bernard (Bernie) Blakeman, PLS, principal of Blakeman Land Surveying, joined the staff of DDS during the merger, where he remains employed.  Mr. Blakeman brings years of experience and knowledge to our firm and has proven to be an invaluable asset with his wealth of knowledge and attention to detail in research, reconnaissance and data compilation being second to none.