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3D Laser Scanning



DDS proudly utilizes a Topcon GLS-2000 to perform 3D Laser Scans.  With a scan rate of up to 120,000 points per second, this instrument is capable of capturing millions of points with every scan.  And, at an accuracy of 3.5 milometers at 150 meters, you can be assured that the data captured is within incredible tolerance specifications.

Under ideal conditions, we have captured data on objects an astonishing 1,500 feet (approx.) away from the instrument.  This is well within the advertised range of 500 meters.  With such accuracy and range, data is captured in a fraction of the time as traditional surveying methods.  Additionally, the on-board camera captures full panoramic photographs of each scan setup.  

To learn more about the the equipment we utilize, click here.


Speed | Each scan can collect millions of points in a matter of minutes.

Accuracy | Millions of points all but guarantees accuracy.

Efficiency | By collecting so much data in a short period of time, return trips to a site are eliminated.

Safety | The reduced number of trips to a site helps to reduce the risk of injury to field crew members.  Additionally, work in hazardous areas can be avoided by operating the scanner remotely. 

Cost Effectiveness | Speed, accuracy, efficient, and safety all help achieve a cost effective project.



- As-Built Surveys

- Building Information Modeling (BIM)

- Construction Progress Monitoring

- Deformation Monitoring 

- Forensic Surveys

- Stockpile Measurements

- Topographic Surveys

- Utility Surveys

- Volume Calculations 


Sample Projects


Mammoth Cave Pedestrian Bridge

Anyone familiar with Mammoth Cave National Park is familiar with the pedestrian bridge spanning between the hotel and the visitor's center.  This aging bridge was slated to be replaced by the United States Department of Transportation, while keeping the approaches the same on either side.  DDS assisted the selected contractor, Kovilic Construction, with the land surveying and construction materials testing required to complete the construction.  Following the completion, an as built survey was needed as part of the contract documents.  DDS not only performed the requested as built utilizing standard surveying methods, we performed a comprehensive 3D scan of the entire bridge and the surrounding areas.  This data provided us the means to closely inspect and measure various aspects of the bridge that would have been difficult, if not impossible, to collect utilizing traditional methods.  

MCNP Bridge

Butler County, Kentucky Landfill

DDS provided an extensive topographic survey of the Butler County, Kentucky Landfill as part of a collaborative effort with EnSafe, Inc. to achieve various improvements and cell closures within the landfill.  The terrain within the survey bounds proved to be very traitorous in some areas, making it unsafe for DDS surveying crews to perform their tasks utilizing traditional methods.  With the use of the 3D Laser Scanner, crews were able to capture point cloud data of these areas from a safe distance, and topographic data was extrapolated from the comfort and safety of the office. 

Butler County Landfill

Mammoth Cave National Park

Utilizing a topographic survey conducted by DDS using traditional methods, the National Park Service set out to replace much of the existing trails inside the Cave with concrete walks and pavers.  DDS assisted the selected contractor (The Tradesmen Group, Inc.) with land surveying and construction material testing throughout the two (2) year construction period.  Following completion of the trails, DDS scanned much of the project for use in both quantity calculations and presentation purposes.  Videos created from this data can be found below. 

Mammoth Cave

"Little Bat Avenue" - Mammoth Cave National Park

"Methodist Church" - Mammoth Cave National Park

Henry Cherry Hall - Western Kentucky University

Cherry Hall
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