Chandler Memorial Chapel

Chandler Chapel at WKU

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Western Kentucky University

Bowling Green, Kentucky



Everton Olgelsby Architects

Completion Date


Through the generous donation of Mr. David Chandler and several additional benefactors, Western Kentucky University (WKU) was able to construct a nondenominational chapel and columbarium on their main campus in Bowling Green, Kentucky.  The purpose of the Memorial Chapel was to provide a sanctuary for students of all faiths a place to worship in whatever fashion they see fit.

Everton Oglesby Architects (EOA) was selected to design the new chapel, columbarium, memorial gardens, and other site features through a Qualification Based Selection Process.  EOA teamed with the landscape architectural firm of Hodgson and Douglas and DDS to design the site and chapel building.  As with much of WKU’s campus, the selected site is steeply sloped and is bordered by two existing roadways.  DDS was required to design several retaining walls, including the columbarium wall, an elaborate storm water management system, all utility service connections, and all erosion control measures.  


In addition to civil engineering design, DDS also provided construction materials testing and special inspection services during construction.  The structure’s foundation system consisted of rock supported shallow spread footings with a reinforced concrete slab on grade floor.  The structural framing consisted of reinforced masonry and structural steel construction.  In order to ensure the structure was built in a safe and stable manner, DDS provided special inspection services during earthwork, foundations, and reinforced masonry construction.