City Wide Storm Water Mitigation

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Bowling Green, Kentucky



City of Bowling Green

Completion Date

2017 (Design) 

Construction ongoing

Following the 2010 Flood, which shattered records all across the Southeast, the City of Bowling Green began pinpointing locations which are experiencing excessive flooding and ponding during storm events.  Through a qualification and price based selection,  DDS was selected to provide the design services necessary to mitigate the first four locations on this list. 


This project began with extensive topographic survey data being collected at each of the four locations.  This data provided the lay of the land, giving the existing direction of storm water flows, but also depicted the location of structures and utilities.  In having this data, DDS was able to design mitigation plans for each site with the least amount of disturbance necessary.  By reducing the total disturbance to surrounding features, the total cost of mitigation is reduced.  Reducing the cost of the corrective actions to these properties allows for the City to mitigate more troubled sites across the City. 

DDS recently finalized the mitigation plans for all four of these locations.  In addition to the construction documents necessary, construction estimates were prepared as well as the property descriptions necessary to establish all easements required.   Working closely with the City has allowed for the design process to continue seamlessly and with the desires and constraints of the City in mind.  This translates to a more effective and efficient design for the residents and tax payers of Bowling Green.


As the City releases each of these four locations out for construction procurement, DDS is assisting the selected Contractor(s) with construction layout services.