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Lee Square Development

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Bowling Green, Kentucky



Housing Authority of Bowling Green

Completion Date


In a constant search to fulfill the needs of the Bowling Green Community, the Housing Authority of Bowling Green realized the growing number of senior citizens within our community.  In a world full of high-dollar assisted living communities, our community desired that same independence while boasting an affordable price tag.  The answer: Fort Webb Manor.


DDS began working with the Housing Authority in 2003 to prepare for the preliminary development of Fort Webb.  During this time, we prepared the necessary boundary survey required to create the tract of land in which Fort Webb would occupy.  During this same time, DDS prepared the preliminary civil site design for the proposed development.


After several years of extensive planning, the Housing Authority again approached DDS in 2009 to make the Fort Webb dream a reality.  In order to begin the process, a subdivision plat had to be completed on the four acres being utilized for this first phase.  Additionally, the property was required to be rezoned to accommodate the style of development that was desired by the Authority. 


In addition to preparing the property to legally be receptive of the development, DDS worked closely with the architect chosen by the Authority in order to prepare all of the necessary civil site design documents, including: site design plans, composite utility plans and Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP).  We also performed the geotechnical explorations that were deemed necessary by the architect as well as various construction staking activities during the construction of this phase of the development.

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