Mammoth Cave Cemetery Surveys

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Mammoth Cave National Park

Mammoth Cave, Kentucky



HDR, Inc.

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Mammoth Cave National Park was established in 1941 to protect the unparalleled underground labyrinth of caves, the rolling hilly country above and the Green River valley which include family cemeteries throughout the park.  Visitors have toured Mammoth Cave dating back to 1816. Mammoth Cave National Park has approximately 100 cemeteries where more than 1800 Americans lie in final rest. A searchable database has been developed and contains birth dates, death dates, grave marker inscriptions and other valuable information for the families.

DDS worked with HDR Engineering, Inc, The National Park Service and The Mammoth Cave National Park on a survey of fifteen (15) cemeteries within Mammoth Cave National Park. The project scope consisted of a boundary survey, topographic survey, mapping and preservation of marked and un-marked graves within all 15 cemeteries. The cemeteries are situated throughout the entire National Park. They range in size from 0.15 acres to well over 1 acre. The location and detailing of all markings on the headstones and foot stones was an intricate part of the project.


For more information on the cemeteries located within the Mammoth Cave National Park, visit the map to the left of the screen or click here.