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Powerline Delineation Survey

Chandler Chapel at WKU

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Hopkinsville, Kentucky 



ELPO Law (c/o a Regional Electric Agency)

Completion Date


Following the onset of a legal filing against a large regional electric provider in the Hopkinsville, Kentucky area by an individual property owner, it was determined that a detailed survey would be required.  The legal action referred to the illegal placement of guy-wires outside of the platted utility easements.  Based on a long standing working relationship with the defendant's attorney,  DDS was selected to provide the survey necessary to prove the initial location of the guy-wires in question, the platted easement locations, and the final locations following relocation. 


Included with the traditional survey methods, it was determined that it would be beneficial to utilize DDS’ 3D Laser Scanner as an added surveying tool.  By utilizing this technique, we were able to collect a snapshot of the project at that exact moment in time and, as such, retained an exact model of the conditions of the project location.  This model, in turn, was then utilized to prepare exhibits as needed to how the location of both the utility poles and the guy-wires within the platted easements. 

DDS is currently in the process of completing this project with our Client.  Additional questions have arisen in regards to guy-wires owned by other utility agencies.  Should those particular wires become a part of this, or a subsequent, legal action, we will likely repeat this process and/or utilize the existing data that has been collected to provide all interested parties with the information necessary.

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