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Power Structure Verification Survey

Chandler Chapel at WKU

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Kentucky & Tennessee



Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)

Completion Date

2013, 2016

Utilizing an ongoing Indefinite Deliver, Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract with Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), DDS was contacted to provide the surveying services necessary to upgrade to the 161kV high voltage transmission line, and other related utilities in the area,  from the Wolf Creek Dam in Eastern Kentucky to Huntsville, Tennessee. 


Beginning in 2013, DDS performed as-built surveys of seven separate structures along this route, as well as some of the wires between each.  This data was then utilized by both TVA and other agencies to design upgrades in their services lines that allowed for the proper spacing between lines.  The purpose of this redesign was to attempt to eliminate the potential issues related to sagging of lines against one another. 


Following the completion of the upgrades described above, DDS returned to the project location to complete an additional survey of the final conditions.  In doing this, we utilized our 3D Laser Scanner as an additional surveying method and tool and we were able to collect an exact model of the site conditions as they were while we were on location.  Additionally, this data was used to create exhibits and models, which were provided to TVA, that showed in true scale the sag remaining in the lines. 

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